Career Development

CB&I is a learning organization, with career development and training opportunities at its heart. Our employees work with their managers to create individual development plans that match their interests and experience. In addition, they receive continuous support from management and Human Resources to help meet their career goals. At CB&I, our people make a difference and are recognized for it. We offer something for every employee at every stage in their career:

  • Individual development plans
  • Formal and informal mentoring programs
  • Online libraries and tools
  • Business book clubs
  • Company-paid tuition assistance
  • Women’s leadership networks, talent teams, and other customized programs
  • Monthly training seminars

Global Opportunities

With locations around the world, CB&I offers opportunities for employees to travel, live, and work outside of their home country in offices and at project sites in every corner of the planet. We have the global experience and local expertise to deliver superior results, even in the most challenging environments.

Consistent Growth

Founded in 1889, today’s CB&I is consistently ranked among the largest companies in the Engineering News-Record list of Top 400 Contractors, yet we are still small enough for our employees to make an impact on the organization. CB&I has experienced steady growth during the past decade, and we focus on the global energy industry, a market that is expected to grow well into the future.


At CB&I, safety is not just a priority, it’s a core value. Priorities can change, but values endure and become part of the culture. Year after year, CB&I achieves one of the best safety performance benchmarks in the industry.


CB&I fosters a collaborative and inclusive culture. In the course of our history, we have assembled a talented workforce from locations around the world, intermingling employees from all cultures and traditions to best leverage their talent and expose them to career development opportunities.

Unique Business Model

CB&I offers a unique, fully-integrated business model, from conceptual design and technology licensing, through engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction, to final commissioning and beyond. Because we have capabilities in all facets of project delivery, our employees have a wide range of career opportunities, not only in Operations and Engineering, but in support functions such as Sales, Human Resources, Accounting and IT.