What We Do


Before a project begins and millions of dollars are committed, owners need assurance their capital expenditure will achieve the desired return on investment. CB&I offers a variety of consulting and planning services to the energy and infrastructure sectors to help customers make the right decisions for their business. 

Lummus Consultants International

As a premier international consulting group with more than a century of experience, Lummus Consultants International delivers independent consulting and advisory services spanning business, technical, strategic management and regulatory issues. This practice offers technical advisory services to the power, process, petrochemical, refining, infrastructure and government segments. 

Process Planning & Development

Modern process plants are complex and interrelated. They require careful planning and evaluation to ensure project feasibility, technical feasibility, economic optimization and proper licensor selection. As a designer and builder of all types of process plants, CB&I recognizes the essential part this early planning plays. CB&I maintains a group of senior engineers dedicated to process planning and project development. 

Energy Management & Sustainability

CB&I provides a comprehensive range of energy and sustainability solutions for both private and public customers. Our services target electric and gas utilities as well as municipals and private sector companies looking to better manage their sustainability efforts and lower energy costs.

Capital & Resiliency Planning

CB&I provides government and commercial customers with comprehensive resiliency services to survive, adapt and thrive in the face of environmental, social and economic stresses. Our team works to create resilient communities that are able to resist and rapidly recover with minimal outside assistance.
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