At CB&I, our ability to fabricate plate and structural steel, piping and complex modular assemblies is a key element of our integrated EPC business model. As one of the few EPC companies to maintain in-house fabrication facilities, we can ensure timely delivery and superior quality of components for our projects.

Our global facilities include strategically located shops that can fabricate individual components, provide large subassemblies, trial fit and match mark large assemblies, and also perform painting, blasting, post-weld heat treating, nondestructive examination and testing. For large or complex projects, we may set up field fabrication facilities at or near the construction site.

Largest Pipe Fabrication Capacity Worldwide

CB&I's pipe fabrication facilities are capable of producing an aggregate of 35,000 pipe spools (10,000 tons of product) per month. Our state-of-the-art equipment such as automated welding and bending machinery speeds the fabrication process with greater accuracy and quality. Our facilities are coordinated under an integrated fabrication management system, resulting in a combined pipe fabrication capacity unmatched in our industry.

Modular Solutions

CB&I pioneered modular fabrication and construction of process plants and plant components more than 30 years ago. We’ve delivered thousands of modules to petroleum refiners, petrochemical processors and other process industries around the world.

CB&I also operates one of the most technically advanced modular fabrication facilities for the nuclear industry. The facility primarily fabricates and assembles structural, piping and equipment modules for new nuclear power plants, including AP1000®.

Manufactured Products

In addition to supplying our own projects, CB&I manufactures and distributes an extensive line of steel and aluminum pipe fittings through our subsidiary, Alloy Piping Products, LLC.