Corporate Responsibility

CB&I focuses its corporate responsibility efforts in three main areas:

  • Conducting our global business to the highest ethical standards;
  • Being a good neighbor around the world where our employees live and work through responsible environmental practices and community involvement; and
  • Providing a safe, healthy and hospitable work environment that embraces diversity and offers career development opportunities.

Ethical Business Practices

CB&I is strongly committed to conducting its worldwide business activities in accordance with high ethical standards that are derived from such fundamental values as honesty, integrity, reliability, fairness, mutual respect and trust. We believe this is the right way to operate our businesses. The Supervisory Board of CB&I has adopted a Code of Ethics and Corporate Governance Guidelines that ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations and encourage the highest standards of integrity in the conduct of our business.

Good Neighbor Practices

For CB&I, being a good neighbor means protecting the environment at our jobsites and facilities worldwide. It also means supporting the communities where our employees live and work through community involvement, work force development initiatives, and using local suppliers when possible.

Community involvement. CB&I employees volunteer their time to health, educational and human service organizations in communities across the globe, and we support social, economic and cultural development initiatives in conjunction with many of our major projects. A prime example is in Peru, where CB&I built South America’s first baseload LNG liquefaction plant. The Peru project is just one example of our long-standing practice of hiring and training local workers at our jobsites worldwide, often providing marketable skills and significantly higher wage-earning potential to these individuals. We also do business with local suppliers whenever possible.

Responsible Workplace Practices

CB&I is committed to treating every employee with respect and dignity and providing a safe, hospitable and quality work environment. We recognize that a motivated, well-trained, diverse workforce is a significant competitive advantage.

Health and safety. Safety is a core value at CB&I. It is the responsibility of every employee, and zero incidents is our foremost goal. We implement rigorous controls through every phase of our projects, and our employees receive extensive training on how to perform their jobs safely, properly and in compliance with environmental regulations. Our health, safety and environmental processes and employee training have enabled CB&I to achieve one of the best safety performance benchmarks in the industry.

Respecting diversityIn the course of our more than 125-year history, CB&I has assembled a talented workforce from locations around the world, intermingling employees from all cultures and traditions to best leverage their talent and expose them to career development opportunities. On many of our larger jobs, the project team often comprises individuals of 25 or more different nationalities working together toward a common goal. Many employees who first joined CB&I in their home country subsequently move with us from project to project around the world.

Hospitable workplace. CB&I is firmly committed to a workplace free from discrimination, hostility or harassment. The company has a policy of promoting equal opportunity in employment without discrimination based upon race, color, religion, sex, gender, age, national origin, disability or any other status protected under applicable law. Discrimination or harassment based upon any of these characteristics is prohibited and will not be tolerated.

Employee development. CB&I is committed to providing our employees with a working environment that is conducive to development and career growth. We provide employees with numerous opportunities to improve their skills, further their education and advance within the company.

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