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A core component of CB&I’s business is the development and implementation of leading technologies. With a heritage of technology development spanning more than 100 years, encompassing approximately 3,500 patents and patent applications, CB&I provides one of the industry’s most robust technology portfolios to the hydrocarbon processing sector. 

CB&I is a leading licensor of proprietary petrochemicals, refining, gasification and gas processing technologies, and a supplier of proprietary catalysts and related engineering. These technologies are critical in the gasification of coal into syngas, the refining of crude oil into gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and lubricants, and the processing of natural gas into various chemicals and polymers. 

We license more than 100 different technologies with particular strength in the areas of olefins (ethylene/propylene/butylene), derivatives production and refining hydroprocessing. We are renowned for our scope of technology assets and ability to provide single-source solutions for our customers around the world. 

Comprehensive Services throughout the Process Plant Life Cycle

With CB&I’s integrated business model, we can combine our technology portfolio with our other product and services offerings to support customers through the entire plant life cycle. 

  • Our consulting services, technology licenses, site development and FEED services can be applied in the initial phases of a project.
  • We are a worldwide leader in engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction.
  • We provide major products and components such as piping, storage structures, modules and proprietary equipment.
  • During the operations phase, CB&I offers technical support services to enhance the productivity of our customers' existing plants.


Crude to Chemicals

Delivering a combination of unrivaled experience and industry-leading expertise, CB&I has been developing innovative technologies for more than a century. With the acquisition of Lummus Technology in 2007, CB&I has continued to grow our portfolio to more than 100 licensed proprietary technologies, supported by more than 3,500 patents and patent applications. 


CB&I’s petrochemical technology portfolio includes building block processes for a wide range of products derived from olefins and aromatics, including plastics, resins, fibers, solvents, detergents and adhesives, as well as a large range of chemical intermediates and polymers.


CB&I's portfolio of refining technologies provides the most complete bottom-of-the-barrel upgrading solutions for our customers, including hydroprocessing, reformulated fuels and high octane blending components.


CB&I’s E-Gas™ gasification technology has the potential to make use of our most abundant energy resource—coal—in such a way as to dramatically reduce its environmental impact. This proven technology is one of the cleanest, most efficient commercial processes for converting coal or petroleum coke into a hydrogen rich synthesis gas, ideally suited for substitute natural gas production, power generation, and refining or chemical manufacturing applications.

Natural Gas Processing

Patented gas processing technology and proprietary know-how developed by CB&I are used in more than 200 natural gas plants around the world.

Heat Transfer Equipment

For more than 80 years, CB&I has been providing process industries worldwide with the design and supply of specialized heat transfer equipment.

Process Planning & Development

Modern process plants are complex and interrelated. They require careful planning and evaluation to ensure project feasibility, technical feasibility, economic optimization and proper licensor selection. As a designer and builder of all types of process plants, CB&I recognizes the essential part this early planning plays. CB&I maintains a group of senior engineers dedicated to process planning and project development. 

Aftermarket Services

CB&I offers extensive aftermarket services to our worldwide customer base, including technical support services, training and licensee conferences. 
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