CB&I At A Glance

CB&I (NYSE: CBI) is a leading provider of technology and infrastructure for the energy industry. With more than 125 years of experience, CB&I provides reliable solutions to our customers around the world while maintaining a relentless focus on safety and an uncompromising standard of quality.

Our complete, balanced and integrated business model is unmatched in the industry. CB&I can provide any or all of the major services and products our customers require, resulting in streamlined project delivery and better cost and schedule certainty. Our integrated model gives CB&I the industry’s most complete supply chain solution, enabling us to serve the largest projects in the world.

Markets Served

Oil, Gas & Chemicals

  • Upstream—Offshore oil and gas production systems, pipelines, gas processing
  • Downstream—Refining, petrochemicals, hydrogen and syngas production, sulfur processing, gasification
  • LNG—Gas liquefaction plants, regasification terminals, peak shaving facilities


  • Gas-fired combined-cycle and simple-cycle generating plants
  • Clean coal generating plants
  • Air quality control services
  • New technologies for CO2 capture

Industrial Storage

  • Bulk storage terminals, atmospheric and refrigerated storage tanks and vessels, water storage tanks