Elevated Water Storage Tanks

Elevated Storage Tanks

CB&I’s experience in the design and construction of water storage is unmatched. Over the past century, CB&I has built more than 25,000 elevated water tanks. Our dedication to better designs and storage technologies has led to the production of both our Waterspheroid® and Composite elevated tanks. For larger capacity requirements, we supply Composite Elevated Tanks that combine a reinforced concrete support pedestal with a welded steel tank. 

CB&I has one of the best safety performance benchmarks in our industry, and we are the first engineering, procurement and construction company to win the Green Cross for Safety medal.

Waterspheroid® Elevated Tanks

CB&I developed the Waterspheroid® tank in 1954 as a larger-capacity alternative to our original Watersphere® tank. Today, the Waterspheroid tank is our most popular style of elevated water storage tank, providing reliable service to thousands of municipalities and industries.

Hydropillar® Elevated Tanks

The Hydropillar® elevated tank is one of the more popular styles of elevated water storage tanks in use today. The tank has a large, strong support pillar, an attractive appearance and a multipurpose interior space. 

Composite Elevated Tanks

Over the past two decades, we’ve built numerous Composite Elevated Tanks (CETs) across the United States. CETs combine the tensile strength of steel with the compressive characteristics of concrete. The result is a long-lasting water storage tank that can be cost-effective in larger sizes.
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