NET Power

NET Power, a partnership between 8 Rivers Capital, CB&I and Exelon, is developing a 50 MW thermal demonstration power plant (commercial scale will be 300MW) that will validate a new natural gas power system that produces zero atmospheric emissions, including carbon dioxide.

NET Power is based on a high-pressure, supercritical carbon dioxide oxy-fuel power cycle, which produces cost-effective electric power with virtually zero atmospheric air emissions. Unlike other fossil fuel power generation technologies that release emissions to the atmosphere or employ expensive, add-on carbon capture systems, the primary by-product of NET Power is pipeline-quality, high-pressure carbon dioxide (CO2).

NET Power is a novel, proprietary commercial power system that could challenge all current fossil technologies—natural gas combined-cycle, super-critical coal and integrated gasification combined-cycle (IGCC)—by being both cheaper and cleaner:

  • Produces lower cost electricity than existing power plants
  • Eliminates virtually all air emissions, with fuel capture of CO2 and nitrogen oxides
  • Generates an additional and separate revenue stream from sale of CO2 for enhanced oil recovery or other industrial uses
  • Does not need any water with a small efficiency reduction for use of air cooling  

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