Clean Coal

Customers seek our expertise in the construction of state-of-the-art, high-efficiency coal generation, including circulating fluidized bed and ultra-supercritical and supercritical technologies. Our clean coal projects feature the latest in modern emission controls. 

CB&I also has extensive experience in retrofitting existing coal-fired power plants with air quality control systems that enable power producers to provide cleaner energy for decades to come. Our air quality control experience ranges from installing scrubber systems on single coal-fired units to executing fleet-wide retrofit programs.

CB&I licenses the E-Gas™ coal gasification process. E-Gas can be integrated with gas and steam turbines in combined-cycle (IGCC) to produce power from the syngas and process steam. IGCC is recognized in the industry as the cleanest and most efficient use of coal to produce baseload power. The E-Gas IGCC technology was used successfully at the Wabash River Power Station in Indiana for over 20 years.

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