Liquefaction Export Terminals

CB&I has extensive experience with the key processes and equipment that are utilized in baseload natural gas liquefaction plants. Our experience in each of these process areas is described below. 

Receiving and gas metering experience

CB&I has designed a number of plants where ultrasonic custody transfer metering facilities have been installed, including the metering facilities on the PERU LNG project, two ultrasonic metering packages on the Buzzard Offshore Platform project, and ultrasonic meter systems on other gas plants and LNG import terminal projects. 

Acid gas removal experience

CB&I has designed and constructed more than 20 acid gas removal systems for gas plants and LNG peak shaving facilities. 

  • Experience includes MEA, DEA, AMDEA, Sulfinol and Flexsorb solvents and engineering licensed design packages by Shell, BASF, UOP, Ineos, Dow, Black & Veatch, ELF, ExxonMobil and UCARSOL.
  • Our experience in CO2 removal includes projects up to a 3,310 million standard cubic feet per day (MMSCFD) flow rate, feed gas CO2 levels of 0.8 to 71%, and treated CO2 concentrations of down to 50 parts per million (PPM).
  • Representative projects include Yankee Gas, Liquid Carbonic, BP Cusiana, Kinder-Morgan, Williams Energy, Duke Energy, Union Pacific Resources and Koch Midstream. 

Dehydration experience

CB&I has designed and constructed more than 35 dehydration systems using 2- and 3-bed mol sieves with capacities ranging from 62 to 650 MMSCFD. 

Representative projects include the PERU LNG project and numerous LNG peak shaving facilities for clients such as Memphis LGW and Pine Needle, and gas processing projects such as Enterprise, Hunt/PERU LNG, Pioneer Natural Resources, Dynegy, Williams and Duke. 

Mercury removal experience

CB&I has designed mercury removal systems on 14 projects ranging in capacity from 62 to 880 MMSCFD. This includes: 

  • The PERU LNG project, which utilizes activated carbon absorbers.
  • The Buzzard project, which has two 'Mersorb' beds treating gas from 134 μg/Nm3 to 10 ng/Nm3.
  • Other projects, which included carbon bed, Hg-Siv and metal oxide technologies.
  • Other clients include Marathon Alba, Enterprise, Hunt/PlusPetrol, Enron and EnCana USA. 

Refrigeration experience

CB&I has had experience with refrigeration systems on 15 projects in the last 15 years ranging in capacity from 62 to 1,000 MMSCFD. This includes: 

  • Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.'s (APCI) main cryogenic heat exchanger on PERU LNG, Woodside, NLNG and MLNG.
  • Gas turbines up to 34 megawatts (MW).
  • CB&I installed two Fr 7 GT's with Nuovo Pignone compressors for NLNG and one Fr 7 GT with Nuovo Pignone compressor for Woodside LNG.
  • Other smaller natural gas fired turbine compressors on numerous other gas processing projects, such as a GE Frame 5 turbine with an Elliott compressor for Koch Hydrocarbons. 

LNG storage and loading systems

CB&I is one of the leading contractors for LNG storage and loading systems. This experience includes: 

  • Design and construction of approximately 220 LNG storage tanks, the majority of which were double-wall single-containment storage tanks up to 200,000 cubic meters (m3).
  • In-tank loading pumps, BOG compressors, condensers, loading arms and jetty top works associated with the 75 LNG terminals and peak shaving plants designed by CB&I. 

Offsites and utilities

CB&I capabilities include work that is done outside the scope of the LNG facility itself. These capabilities extend to plant utilities and may also include piping and other connections to offsite structures.

Liquefaction Technology

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