LNG Peak Shaving Facilities

CB&I has been a leading provider of engineering, procurement and construction services for LNG facilities for more than half a century. With increasing worldwide demand for clean sources of power, a fast growing segment of our business is constructing peak shaving plants. 

We’ve designed and built peak shaving plants around the world with liquefaction capacities of 1–20 million standard cubic feet per day. Our projects have included complete peak shaving facilities, pre-treatment, liquefaction, storage and sendout systems, satellite peak shavers, stand-alone liquefaction systems, plant revamps, retrofits, and expansions. Our capabilities for LNG peak shaving facilities include gas metering, CO2 removal, dehydration, liquefaction, boil-off/flash gas recovery, gas vaporization, truck loading and unloading, and fire protection. 

Providing value-added service

We execute our projects with a true EPC approach, performing every aspect of the project ourselves and doing the work for a fixed price. Our turnkey services for peak shaving projects include process and detailed design, feasibility studies, material supply, fabrication, construction, precommissioning, plant startup and operator training. We have extensive permitting and siting experience and have assisted a number of customers with Federal Energy and Regulatory Commission (FERC) applications. 

We believe our business model provides the best value and lowest total cost of ownership for our customers. Providing single-point responsibility for the complete project allows us to control costs, shorten project schedules, minimize the customer’s risk and ensure all work is completed according to our high standards. Our clients can focus on their core business instead of managing multiple contractors. 

Unparalleled experience

We have a proven track record of commitment and innovation in the LNG industry. In addition to building the first peak shaver, we participated in early cryogenic research, constructed the first LNG import terminal in the United States and built the world’s first full-containment tank for LNG. Our more recent innovations include proprietary methods for liquefaction, tank insulation, BTU reduction and inlet air cooling. 

We are recognized for having the resources to design and build LNG projects anywhere in the world, even under the most challenging conditions. We operate an extensive global network of engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction facilities that allow us to quickly mobilize project resources wherever they are needed. And with offices worldwide, we have people who understand the legislation, culture and business practices of the communities where we work. We direct-hire and train local field personnel whenever possible, providing a pool of skilled craftsmen who understand our systems, process and tools. 

At CB&I, we are focused on delivering innovative LNG solutions and superior project results. Our true EPC business model, combined with our industry expertise, global resources and proprietary technologies, has resulted in one of the best performance records in the industry.

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