Chemicals and Petrochemicals

CB&I has provided specialty engineering, procurement and construction services to the chemical and petrochemical industry for more than 80 years. Our innovations include the industry's first floating roof tank and the first Hortonsphere® pressure vessel for storing liquids and gases under pressurized conditions. Today, we offer a variety of high-quality solutions for producing, processing, storing and distributing chemical products. 

We design and build everything from ambient temperature and cryogenic storage systems to process units, plants, pipelines and import/export terminals. Our comprehensive services include licensed technologies, process design, front-end engineering and design, detailed engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction, permitting assistance, operator training, commissioning and startup. 

We offer considerable expertise in many state-of-the-art petrochemical technologies. These technologies include olefins, polypropylene, styrene and styrenic polymers, light hydrocarbons (C3-C5), phenolics and other specialty chemicals. CB&I has the unique ability to offer our clients a full-scope product utilizing both in-house technologies and proven EPFC services. 

Choosing the right solution

When it comes to manufacturing chemicals, process is everything. Our experienced engineers and designers are familiar with a variety of process technologies. They carefully evaluate each project's requirements, weigh the options and recommend the best solution for the customer. 

Applying innovative construction methods

We can execute petrochemical projects using modular construction methods, conventional ("stick-built") construction, or a combination of both. In many cases, modular construction allows the project schedule to be compressed and can reduce costs associated with local on-site labor. We can exercise rigorous safety and quality controls during construction at our in-house facilities. Modular construction also minimizes the impact of the project on the customer's operations and allows a number of processes, such as permitting and transportation, to be accomplished concurrently. 

When field erection is called for, we develop a detailed plan that takes into account labor and equipment requirements, space availability at the installation site and many other factors. When the installation site is a working plant, we make every effort to minimize the impact of the project on our customer's other operations. And we implement proven quality assurance and safety procedures to ensure quality construction and minimize the risks associated with plant construction. As a result, we've successfully delivered thousands of projects with zero recordable incidents.

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