Reservoirs & Standpipes

Reservoirs and standpipes are ground-level water storage tanks that can be built to any capacity and dimension. Reservoirs have a greater diameter than height, while standpipes have a greater height than diameter. 

Over the past century, CB&I has built thousands of reservoirs and standpipes that have provided many decades of service. These tanks have ranged in capacity from under 1,000,000 gallons to the world's largest at 34,000,000 gallons. 

A Full-Service Solution

Our specialty is providing lump sum, turnkey EPC services to the water industry. We have resources to self-perform all facets of water storage projects, including preliminary planning, design, construction, fabrication, painting and maintenance. 

Our single-source approach allows us to control costs, shorten schedules and ensure every step of the project is carried out according to our quality standards. With one of the best safety records in the industry, we reduce the tank owner's risk. 

Choosing the Right Tank

We assist customers in selecting the best tank configuration for their requirements. Reservoirs offer economical and effective storage, especially when located on high ground. Because they have lower profiles, they can easily be concealed by foliage. The standpipes' taller design allows water above the operating range to typically provide gravity-fed pressure; the water below the standpipes' operating range provides reserve storage. 

Our reservoirs and standpipes are constructed entirely of welded steel. One of the greatest advantages of welded steel tanks, compared to bolted steel or concrete tanks, is that they provide leak-free service. Properly maintained and operated, welded steel tanks offer an extremely long life and are well-suited for high seismic zones or high wind load applications. Some of our steel tanks have been in service for more than 100 years. 

A Variety of Options

We design our tanks with a number of standard features, such as manholes, painted ladders, overflow to grade, anti-climb guards, roof handrails, fail-safe roof vents and inlets/outlets with silt stops. Tanks can be designed with ellipsoidal, toriconical, dome or cone roofs. We also offer a variety of optional features such as lettering, logos and decorative graphics, decorative pilasters, safety cages, balconies, external lighting, telemetry, and cathodic and lightning protection. 

CB&I is regarded as an industry leader in the design and construction of water storage tanks. We pioneered the transition to welded steel tanks in the 1930s, designed and constructed the world's largest steel reservoir in 1986 and pioneered the Bent-Plate rafter option, which eliminates the need for seal welding and reduces areas where corrosion may occur.

Specification and Brochure for Reservoirs & Standpipes:

Reservoir & Standpipe Specification
Reservoir & Standpipe Brochure

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