Process Planning & Development


Modern process plants are complex and interrelated. They require careful planning and evaluation to ensure project feasibility, technical feasibility, economic optimization and proper licensor selection. As a designer and builder of all types of process plants, CB&I recognizes the essential part this early planning plays. CB&I maintains a group of senior engineers dedicated to process planning and project development. 

Our process planning group provides the following comprehensive services: 

  • Complex refinery and petrochemical plant configuration and feasibility studies
  • Studies that include developing technologies (e.g., GTL, biofuels)
  • Technical and economic analyses for various processing options
  • Detailed cost estimates
  • Licensor evaluations
  • Development of project execution plans
  • Financing studies
  • Site evaluations and development of OSBL design philosophy (including utility systems, storage tanks and other offsite systems) 

We have completed nearly 200 process planning studies for clients around the world, including private sector, multi-national refiners and petrochemical producers, as well as state-owned petroleum and petrochemical firms. 

Unlike consulting companies, our services are based on our actual experience designing and building petrochemical, refinery and other process facilities. 

  • Because CB&I is an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor, we can realistically define the cost, schedule and resources required to bring a project to completion, anticipating potential risks.
  • As a technology-oriented contractor, we know which technologies are most appropriate for each client.
  • With an international track record of successful projects, we know what it takes to realize a project in many different areas of the world.
  • CB&I can call upon numerous specialized resources, such as project financing. 

CB&I employs a full range of analytical tools and data to successfully conduct process planning studies, including: 

  • A comprehensive linear programming (LP) model that includes all major refinery and petrochemical facilities
  • A crude assay database with more than 150 crudes
  • Specialized computer programs for predicting yield/utility data for most major refining and petrochemical process units
  • A large and diverse engineering design and construction database covering more than 600 refinery units and 400 petrochemical and chemical units
  • Access to major specialized marketing and pricing data services, as well as a close working relationship with the major consultancies


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