Proprietary Supply (Butadiene/Butylene Production)

CB&I supports our petrochemical and refining technologies with a variety of engineered products that facilitate conversion, enhance productivity and lower production cost. Our proprietary offerings include: 

  • Catalysts for petrochemical, polymer and refining processes
  • Heat transfer equipment, including fired process heaters, ethylene furnaces and heat exchangers
  • Specialized internals for fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) units
  • Modular pressure swing adsorption (PSA) gas separation units

ModGrid® Stripper Internals

CB&I offers the innovative ModGrid® catalyst stripper to improve the performance and flexibility required to meet the demands of today’s marketplace. The ModGrid stripper is a novel hardware design commercially proven to increase unit profitability. The unique, patented configuration provides a cost-effective and reliable solution for all modes of operation. The modular construction allows for easy installation through existing manways.

Micro-Jet Plus Feed Injectors

CB&I’s Micro-Jet Plus™ feed injectors achieve superior yields of valuable light products when they replace conventional injectors. Micro-Jet Plus feed injectors are designed with the optimal angle, correct exit velocities and thorough feed/catalyst contact necessary to maximize the performance of the unit. Every injector is spray-tested before installation.

HELIXCHANGER® Heat Exchanger

The HELIXCHANGER® heat exchanger uses CB&I's industry-proven, enhanced heat transfer technology to provide solutions for common issues such as shell-side fouling, high pressure drop and vibration.

Catalysts & Adsorbents

CB&I maintains proprietary catalyst formulations tied to our licensed processes. Catalysts improve process economics by steering reactions to higher conversions and yields.
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