Heat Transfer Equipment

For more than 80 years, CB&I has been providing process industries worldwide with the design and supply of specialized heat transfer equipment.

Fired Heaters

CB&I has designed and built fired heaters to meet refining and petrochemical industry needs, including refinery heaters, steam superheaters, heaters for delayed coking units and steam reformers, and our patented SRT® (Short Residence Time) pyrolysis heaters for ethylene production. 

Our heaters can be designed to operate under natural draft, forced draft, induced draft or balanced draft conditions, with or without an air preheater system. Some heaters have also been integrated with gas turbine exhaust systems to improve plant energy balance. 

CB&I not only provides new heaters, but also helps customers improve or revamp existing heaters to meet new process requirement. 

DeNOx Units

CB&I designs and supplies DeNOx units, also known as selective catalytic reduction (SCR) units. The SCR unit can be incorporated in a new design, retrofitted in an existing heater or installed during a heater revamp. 

Heat Exchangers

We have designed and supplied more than 20,000 shell-and-tube heat exchangers over the past 60 years, including high pressure applications. Ongoing research and development, along with our ISO 9001 Lloyds-certified quality system, ensure that our advanced equipment meets our customers' requirements. 

Technical Services

In addition to the design and supply of heat transfer equipment, CB&I provides technical support for plant startup, troubleshooting, performance improvement and personnel training. We also provide feasibility studies for projects involving heat transfer equipment. 

Our after-sale service can be extended to help customers evaluate heat transfer equipment and obtain spare parts.

Heat Exchangers

For more than 80 years, CB&I has designed and supplied more than 25,000 shell-and-tube heat exchangers, including enhanced heat transfer and high pressure closure technologies.

Delayed Coking Heater Technology

For more than seven decades, CB&I has been designing and supplying furnaces for delayed coking projects. These projects have ranged from small single heaters to the current multi-heater installations with air preheat systems.

Fired Process Heaters

CB&I’s heat transfer group specializes in the design and supply of fired heaters for the petrochemical and refining industries. Our services range from conceptual and feasibility studies to turnkey heater projects.

SRT® Ethylene Furnaces

CB&I has developed a state-of-the-art pyrolysis furnace in response to the growing ethylene demand. CB&I has built more ethylene furnaces than any other ethylene process licensor, representing more than 40% of worldwide capacity. The SRT® furnace is well known for its reliability in capacity, yield, run-length and energy efficiency.

HELIXCHANGER® Heat Exchanger

The HELIXCHANGER® heat exchanger uses CB&I's industry-proven, enhanced heat transfer technology to provide solutions for common issues such as shell-side fouling, high pressure drop and vibration.

Lummus Advanced Breech-Lock Exchanger®

The Lummus Advanced Breech-Lock Exchanger® (LABLEX®) uses CB&I's industry-proven high-pressure heat exchanger closure technology to provide solutions for critical high-pressure and high-temperature services.
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