Supplier Information

CB&I values the relationships that we have with our suppliers and subcontractors, and we view each one of them as a critical part of our team. At CB&I, we realize our suppliers and subcontractors play an important role in our success as a company and in the successes of our clients and projects. We partner with a diverse group of providers who share in our core values of safety, ethics and teamwork. If you are interested in partnering with us, first ensure that you meet our expectations for suppliers. If you provide materials or services that we are likely to purchase (see the list here), we ask that you register your company in our CB&I Supplier Eligibility System.

CB&I Supplier Eligibility System

This system provides our suppliers with a single platform to communicate to CB&I their locations, contacts, biographical information and product offerings. Through this system, suppliers also have the ability to complete an application to become a potential supplier of CB&I. Suppliers will find the process to be quite thorough, and the Supplier Eligibility System will guide you through in several easy steps. We will communicate with you by email as necessary as your request moves through the various stages of qualification. Please note that registering in the Supplier Eligibility System is not a guarantee of future business. There is no fee for using this system.

The Supplier Eligibility System is an all-electronic process which can be completed at your own pace. For those suppliers who have already completed our previous paper-driven qualification process, or are already active with us, please ensure that your registration information is up to date in the Supplier Eligibility System in order to become and remain eligible for future business.

CB&I Electronic Acquisition System

This is a secure website for suppliers to access our Requests for Quote (RFQ) packages, to communicate with us during the bidding process and to submit their quotations. This site offers suppliers a central location to manage all of their open RFQs with any of CB&I’s procurement offices worldwide. We have found the system makes the bidding process less complicated and more efficient for both suppliers and CB&I buyers. This system is currently not used for subcontracts or purchases of small consumable type materials. There is a nominal fee for using this system that is paid directly to MateriaLink.

By clicking on the link below, you will be directed to MateriaLink’s website so you can create a username and password that will allow you access to both the Supplier Eligibility System and Electronic Acquisition System. If there is mutual interest, you will be contacted to further progress your registration and eligibility.

If you have questions about either one of the CB&I systems, you are encouraged to contact MateriaLink Customer Support by email at: or telephone at: +1-864-213-9200.

Click here to be directed to MateriaLink’s website.