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New Hydroprocessing Approaches to Increase Petrochemicals Production
Over the past several years there has been increased interest in combining refinery and petrochemical projects to maximize production of the highest value products while meeting transportation fuel needs. To accomplish these often competing objectives, the hydroprocessing approaches utilized in the refinery are critical. Read More>>
A Groundbreaking Ceremony Was Held for a Renewable Jet and Diesel Fuel Demo Plant
On June 1, Euglena held a groundbreaking ceremony for their renewable jet and diesel fuel demo plant using CLG’s ISOCONVERSION process. The demo plant site is 7,800 sq meters (about 83,960 sq feet) in size, located within the Asahi Glass plant property in Yokohama, and will include the fuels production, analysis, storage and shipping facilities. The total investment is approximately $52 million, and the plant is scheduled to start operation in the first half of 2019. For the full article in Japanese, please click here>>