Emergency Management

CB&I is a trusted partner in disaster response, recovery, mitigation and preparedness. CB&I offers a complete range of emergency planning, response and recovery services for business, industry and government. Our expertise in solving complex issues and crisis management sets us apart in the industry. We provide resources that enable us to immediately respond to a crisis of any scale, and we offer comprehensive capabilities for rebuilding safer, stronger and more resilient communities. 

CB&I incorporates safe, proven systems and procedures to effectively and efficiently deliver disaster recovery services to our customers. Our specialists can help leverage federal, state and local programs and contracting vehicles to expedite and maximize recovery efforts. We offer a wealth of knowledge combined with practical experience in a vast array of federal recovery programs including, among others, FEMA and HUD programs. 

Our wide range of emergency management and disaster recovery experience encompasses all types of disasters in varying magnitudes. CB&I becomes a part of the community we serve to seamlessly integrate with our customer’s team. We believe in serving the interests of all stakeholders, including our customers and local citizens. 

Emergency Management Planning

Our experts assist customers in planning and preparing for disasters by reviewing existing plans, developing new comprehensive plans and performing preparedness drills and exercises.  


In actual response to disasters, we deliver experienced management, staff and contractors to assess damage, estimate costs to repair and remove hazards and debris. We also stabilize damaged assets and perform interim repair of equipment, buildings, housing and infrastructure as needed to restore basic function and protect these assets from further damage.  


For long-term recovery from disasters, our teams negotiate funding with insurance companies and government agencies and we implement more resilient permanent repairs through structured program and construction management practices. We have particular expertise in working with FEMA and HUD recovery programs nationwide, and we have operationalized some of the largest recovery programs in U.S. history. 

Environmental Rapid Response

CB&I maintains a 24-hour emergency response phone line for rapid mobilization to environmental and disaster-related issues nationwide for our customers. We offer spill response cleanup, fixed-facility response, water/wastewater treatment, soil and groundwater remediation, and hazardous materials transport and disposal. 

We understand the logistics support and responsibilities that are necessary for successful rapid-response services. From investigations and remediation efforts to complex site closures and property restoration, CB&I applies advanced technology and industry-leading resources to provide a comprehensive life cycle of services to effectively mitigate damage associated with emergency situations. 

Our rapid-response team includes more than 300 experienced and qualified response personnel (with a bench of 6,000-plus) who can respond to and effectively manage a wide range of emergency events.

Disaster Mitigation

Federal, state and local governments, along with commercial businesses, face the challenge of preparing for the potential loss of life, damage to property, and the environmental and economic disruption that can occur following a natural or man-made disaster. CB&I provides comprehensive and cost-effective emergency management and disaster services to public and private sector customers.

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