Reliability Services

Reliability-focused operation is essential to reduce business unit cost and increase capacity of overall production. CB&I is uniquely qualified to understand and assist customers with meeting reliability objectives.  

Our management team develops solutions interactively with engineers, maintenance professionals and qualified technicians who have years of reliability-related field experience. We develop necessary best practices to move organizations from reactive to proactive operations. 

CB&I has provided maintenance reliability services to more than 200 locations in 28 countries. Our support staff includes predictive maintenance technicians and on-site reliability engineers. 

Our reliability services include:

  • Predictive maintenance programs
         o   Vibration monitoring
         o   Infrared imaging
         o   Fluid analysis
         o   Motor current evaluation
         o   Airborne ultrasonic
  • Maintenance assessments and benchmarking
  • Preventive maintenance program development and optimization
  • OSHA process safety management mechanical integrity
  • Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) consulting
  • Equipment acceptance testing
  • Equipment criticality ranking
  • Key performance indicator development
  • Maintenance procedure development
  • Root cause analysis
  • Spare part inventory optimization
  • Motor management
  • Work sampling and wrench time studies
  • Maintenance workflow monitoring and optimization
         o   Prioritization
         o   Planning and scheduling
         o   Failure coding


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