Landfill Gas Recovery Systems

Unique among our competitors, CB&I offers a complete, integrated set of landfill gas (LFG) energy recovery services, including: 

  • Assessing potential LFG generation and recovery rates
  • Evaluating potential uses for the gas
  • Building an efficient LFG wellfield collection system
  • Operating the system optimally for producing energy
  • Providing complete recovery system turnkey design-build services 

Additionally, we have in-house capabilities to design and manufacture the equipment used in landfill gas extraction, control and recovery systems for the solid waste industry. With more than 900 flares and conditioning skids in operation worldwide, our product line includes the following: 

Landfill Gas Flare Systems

  • Enclosed flare systems
  • Utility (candlestick) flare systems
  • Low emission flare systems
  • Rental flares for emergency and short- or long-term use
  • Solar-powered vent flares
  • Condensate destruction systems
  • Condensate knock-out
  • Waste heat recovery systems 

Leachate Evaporators

  • E-Vap® brand leachate evaporator systems utilizing landfill gas
  • Re-Vap™ brand leachate evaporator systems utilizing waste heat
  • Long-term operations and maintenance and ownership contracts 

Fuel Delivery and Conditioning Skids

  • Fuel gas drying and conditioning systems for engine applications
  • Gas compression and conditioning systems for pipeline applications 

Control and Instrumentation

  • Flame Trol™ flare controllers
  • Gas analyzer (CH4, CO2 and O2) packages for continuous monitoring
  • FT-Connect™ for remote access 

Landfill Gas Well Field Products

  • Wellheads and connection kits
  • ULTRA FLEX™ connectors
  • Well seals and accessories
  • Orifice plates 

Oil and Gas Flares

  • Enclosed flaresair assisted
  • Open flaresgas assisted
  • Open flaresair assisted
  • Rental flares 

Rental & Pre-owned Equipment

  • Landfill gas flares
  • Oil and gas flares
  • Blowers
  • FT-Connect™ for remote access 

Parts and Service

  • Extensive inventory of parts on hand for immediate delivery
  • Factory-trained technicians for training and service on all equipment


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