Solid Waste

CB&I is one of the largest providers of integrated solid waste services in the U.S. We provide a single point of responsibility for engineering, design-build, construction, equipment fabrication and landfill products. We also perform operations and maintenance for a variety of environmental control and energy recovery systems, solid waste facilities design, and landfill gas and leachate system design and installation. 

Our solid waste services include planning, siting and permitting, environmental compliance, engineering/design and construction, operations maintenance, closure and post-closure, and products and equipment.

Landfill Gas Recovery Systems

Unique among our competitors, CB&I offers a complete, integrated set of landfill gas (LFG) energy recovery services.

Solid Waste Material Supply

CB&I is a leader in the supply of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) products to the solid waste, water and sewer, natural gas and other industries.
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