Site Assessments & Characterization

Understanding the environmental conditions of a site is important for a variety of reasons. For some, it is a matter of understanding value and risk to support decision-making; for others, it might be a means for informing stakeholders; and for others, it might be a requirement imposed by regulators. 

CB&I is unique in its ability to offer unparalleled expertise for performing environmental site assessments (ESAs), permitting and planning, coupled with the capability to execute the plans in a manner that will minimize the client’s regulatory worries and result in returning their land to productive use. 

Site characterization is the first step in understanding any risks the site might pose. CB&I performs analysis of groundwater, soil and surface water to determine the existence of contaminants and the extent of impact.

Phase I and Phase II ESAs for Due Diligence versus Phase 1/Phase II/Phase III for Contamination Delineation and Characterization

Due Diligence Phase I and Phase II
Conducted to support property transfer decisions. Assessments are performed in stages to uncover potential environmental issues.
Extends only as far as necessary to provide a level of confidence that the site is not contaminated or that the extent of contamination is known.

Contamination Delineation and Characterization
Conducted to confirm that soils, groundwater and/or surface water are compromised.
Activities of different phases may be performed in concert to efficiently reach conclusions.
Initial remedial actions.

Due Diligence Services

CB&I supports parties involved with commercial and industrial real estate transactions, providing a range of environmental due diligence services. Our independent, professional consulting regarding recognized environmental conditions associated with properties allows our clients to make informed decisions and take appropriate action. Our due diligence services are performed in accordance with current accepted professional practices and standards and provides historical research to identify prior owners, hidden liabilities, land-use histories and insurance claim opportunities. 

Services we perform include: 

  • Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (in accordance with ASTM E1527-13/All Appropriate Inquiry)
  • Hazardous building material assessments
  • Asbestos, molds, radon surveys
  • Property Condition Assessments in accordance with ASTM 2018
  • National Environmental Policy Act assessments
  • Sensitive Receptor Surveys 

Site Assessments and Characterization

If soil or groundwater contamination, or both, are discovered during preliminary investigations, the client may request a Phase III environmental assessment be conducted. 

As we conduct site characterization activities, our fundamental objectives are to fully characterize the vertical and lateral extent of soil and groundwater contamination, identify potential remedial action alternatives, evaluate the feasibility of implementing these alternatives and select the most appropriate cleanup method. As necessary, our surface water and groundwater hydrologist modelers develop technically sound model applications that can withstand the scrutiny of regulatory agencies and independent third party technical reviewers, and are legally defensible. The end products of CB&I’s modeling efforts provide reliable decision-making tools for our clients.

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