Environmental Services

CB&I provides environmental protection and remediation services for government and commercial customers around the world. Using our engineering, design and construction expertise, we can efficiently and cost-effectively: 

  • Remediate contamination and restore land to a usable state
  • Safely dispose of radioactive, hazardous and toxic waste, including high-level waste
  • Develop modern solid waste landfills and transfer stations
  • Keep air and water contaminant-free
  • Respond quickly and efficiently to emergency situations 

CB&I combines skilled professionals and advanced technologies with a multidisciplinary approach to meet our customers’ environmental project needs. We have successfully: 

  • Conducted hundreds of site selection, characterization, evaluation and monitoring studies
  • Prepared conceptual and detailed engineering designs for air emission control and noise control
  • Performed cleanup of high-level hazardous and toxic waste, including biological weapons
  • Designed hundreds of sanitary landfills and landfill gas-control and recovery systems
  • Provided management consulting services
  • Prepared environmental permit applications, compliance documents and impact assessments for hundreds of projects
  • Completed discipline-specific or multidisciplinary projects throughout the U.S. and abroad


Solid Waste

CB&I is one of the largest providers of integrated solid waste services in the U.S. We provide a single point of responsibility for engineering, design-build, construction, equipment fabrication and landfill products.

Air Quality Services

CB&I's National Air Measurement Group (NAMG) provides stack testing, air monitoring, leak testing (LDAR), permits/auditing and new technologies to help regulated industries meet federal and state air quality compliance requirements.

Natural Resources

CB&I provides environmental services to protect and restore our natural resources. We offer clients a broad range of services for natural resource planning, protection and restoration. These services are supported by a staff of professionals in engineering, ecology, biology, botany, wetland and soil science, and hydrology.

Site Assessments & Characterization

Understanding the environmental conditions of a site is important for a variety of reasons. For some, it is a matter of understanding value and risk to support decision making; while for others, it might be a means for informing stakeholders; and for others, it might be a requirement imposed by regulators. 

Environmental Remediation & Site Restoration

CB&I is a leading environmental remediation contractor for customers worldwide. We have executed complex restoration projects for government and commercial properties, nuclear facilities and laboratories. 

Air Quality Control Services (Power)

CB&I is the industry leader in Air Quality Control (AQC) services having installed state of the art emissions control technologies to benefit more than 60,000 MW of generation. We maintain this industry leading position by staying at the forefront of innovation and offering cost-effective retrofits even under challenging schedules and site conditions.

Occupational Safety & Industrial Hygiene

CB&I offers complete industrial hygiene audits, air monitoring/sampling and recommendations for engineering and administrative controls.

Permitting & Regulatory Compliance Services

CB&I has significant experience in multimedia environmental permitting with a variety of industries, commercial businesses and governmental agencies.
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