Energy Management & Sustainability

CB&I provides a comprehensive range of energy and sustainability solutions for both private and public customers. Our services target electric and gas utilities as well as municipalities and private sector companies looking to better manage their sustainability efforts and lower energy costs. We blend our world-class project management approach and program delivery experience to ensure our customers are leading the way in cost effectiveness, customer satisfaction and measureable results.

We work with our customers to tailor our services to their unique needs, creating lasting value for their business, community and the environment. CB&I can support every level of an organization, from a single facility to the entire company and its supply chain.

Energy Management

CB&I helps customers realize the benefits of energy efficiency by providing services tailored to their specific needs. Our experience includes identifying opportunities to reduce energy use and costs; recommending the most efficient and effective strategies; helping to implement identified energy efficiency projects; identifying and securing financial incentive support; and developing and implementing training, standards and sustainability practices within an organization.

  • Strategic energy management
  • Energy audits
  • RCx and continuous commissioning
  • Custom energy projects
  • Utility bill analysis and energy procurement
  • Demand response program development 

Energy Efficiency

CB&I’s resume of complex engineering, design and program management services provides a strong foundation for the development and delivery of cost-effective energy efficiency and renewable energy programs. Through our commitment to quality and continuous improvement, we design and implement programs that achieve high levels of customer satisfaction and meet energy goals in a cost-effective manner while driving market transformation.

  • Administration
  • Focus on energy implementation
  • Industrial
          o   Strategic energy management
          o   ISO 50001
  • Higher education
  • Community-based programs
  • Retro commissioning
  • Energy program design
  • Program planning and assessment

Retail and Commercial Energy Management

Retail companies spend nearly $20 billion on energy each year. In a competitive marketplace, controlling operational costs through energy management and sustainability programs has become an essential business management strategy.

CB&I’s Energy Management & Sustainability group helps retail customers establish and implement energy management and sustainability programs that save money, generate a positive return on investment and improve business performance. CB&I offers in-depth technical expertise and experience to the retail industry:

  • Strategic Energy Management Plan (SEMP) based on customer-defined goals
  • Benchmarking portfolios of assets to support energy investment and compliance
  • ASHRAE Level I, II and III energy audits
  • Retro commissioning services
  • Rebate and incentive management
  • Sustainability planning
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